Split Ring Pliers Instruction & Guide

These are essentially perfect jewelry making pliers; one of the most demanding products is SPLIT RING PLIERS; these are great for every jewelry crafting specially chain making and installation of beads into findings. Here we will be exploring basic steps to use it properly as well as protecting it wisely.

Designing every day for personal jewelry-making projects, split rings come in handy for attaching precious pendants and charms to jewelry chains. Split rings will be comparatively easy to open with little fingernail effort to open it and inserting another object. However, if you find a split ring strong and large which would be unable to operate with a nail or chances to break your nail; then you will need Split Ring Pliers to make secure connections among jewelry components.

The Split Ring Pliers

The Split Ring Pliers are perfect for jump ring opening. These pliers will be your best choice for daily jewelry work. We offer Split Ring Pliers with different models taking care with your favorite handle design and colors. The Best jewelry toolbox tools must have. Order your customized pliers with us today.

Stepwise Instructions

  1. Get your Split Ring Pliers along with a pair of Round Nose pliers and other jewelry components to attach with rings.
  2. Split Ring Pliers are flat/snipe nose on one side to securely adjust the rings; open pliers to place rings on flat jaw; as you close down the pliers pressing pointed side against the rings, it will open with a room to add your jewelry component or charm or clasp.
  3. Once you insert your charm into a split ring; slide it around with the help of another plier you are holding. Keep sliding until it is freely hung into the ring.
  4. There you go; repeat if needed with your new project.

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