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Flush Cutter black 130mm

Flush Cutter black 130mm
Flush Cutter black 130mm
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The M. Murid Industry jewelry hand tools manufacturing company. We are manufacture our machines and tools by giving state-of-the -art manufacturing facilities to our qualified workforce to meet the modern-time jewelry professional's expectations. This originates our motivation for coming out with outstanding Jewelry Machinery and Tools products that add values in jewelry and make operations on precious objects easier than ever with cost effectiveness as well as minimum loss of precious metal. These pliers and cutters comprise the full range of traditional styles long popular with bead workers, wire wrap artists, and traditional jewelers. Feature box-joint construction, vinyl grip handles, stainless steel forgings and double leaf springs.



  • The product are intended for jewelry making and other fine hobby work.
  • Tape Measure Size -60 inch, Flexible and durable vinyl tape measure.
  • Product inclusion- Bead crimp pliers, Wire cutter pliers, Tape Measure and Etc.
  • Bead crimp pliers Size -5 inch, Inner-position grooves Crimp Beads and Tubes tightly closed with one firm grip; outer-position grooves round off edges on Crimp Beads for a smooth, professional result.
  • Flush cutter for shear cutting soft-wire, cut guitar string, electronic feet, trimming plastic products, cutting small metal wire, repairing of electronics industry, jewelry processing, side cutter also suit for model making around the home, office or shop and so on.
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